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Sick Pay benefit paid to active members

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Leaving Employment

If a member leaves employment usually their employer will contact CWPS and provide a date of leaving service. If a member is then employed with another employer who is operating CWPS the member's Pension Account will simply be transferred over to the other employer and contributions will be paid to CWPS for the member by that employer.

Leaving CWPS

When a member has not paid any contributions to CWPS for a full calendar year they will considered a deferred member and will then have the following options available to them: 

  • A member can leave their pension account invested in CWPS until such time as another employer in the construction industry contributes to the Scheme for them.
  • A member can leave the value of their pension account invested in the Scheme until they retire. Retirement benefit is paid from the Scheme from age 60 and and up to age 70 or earlier on the grounds of permanent ill health.
  • A member can transfer the value of their pension account to another approved pension arrangement.

If a member decides that they no longer wish to contribute to CWPS the above options are also available to them.

Risk Benefits

It is worth noting that when a member has left the employment of an employer who is operating CWPS or left the Scheme they will no longer be covered for our Death in Service or Sick Pay Benefits.

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