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Death in Service Guidelines

Members of the Construction Workers' Pension Scheme ("CWPS") will automatically be covered for Death in Service benefit. Death in Service benefit will be paid directly to the beneficiaries of the deceased member.

In order to qualify for this the following criteria must be satisfied:

• member must be currently working with an employer who is paying to CWPS at the time of death

• member must have accumulated 26 pension contributions in CWPS up to the date of death

• all pension contributions due for member must have been paid to the Scheme at the time of death

The following benefits are payable to the members’ next of kin:

• A lump sum of €100,000

• An additional lump sum of €5,000 for each eligible child under age 18

• A refund of the value of the member’s Pension Account


If a member has to leave the service of a participating employer because of ill health or other incapacity and was unable to return to work as a result, the death benefits listed above will be extended for a 26 week period after the date employment ceases with the participating employer. The contribution criteria mentioned above will apply.

Subject to certain conditions being satisfied, a member may be entitled to a reduced Death in Service benefit if they died within 12 weeks of leaving paid service. 

The contribution criteria, as mentioned above will apply. The weekly cost of this benefit is €1.17 payable by the employer and a further €1.17 payable by the member which is allowable for income tax.

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