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Sectoral Employment Order

Legislation has been introduced by the Minister of State at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation which provides the construction sector with Sectoral Employment Orders (SEOs). Legislation came into effect on 19th October 2017 for the Construction Sector , 6th March 2018 for the Mechanical Engineering Building Services Contracting Sector and 1st September 2019 for the Electrical Sector. These laws make legal requirements for employers in every sector of the construction industry to provide a pension, sick pay and death in service scheme for specified workers in the industry. There has also been a review of the Construction Sector SEO and as a result it has updated some of the legal requirements which will be effective from the 1st of October 2019. 

The SEOs recommend rates of pay for specified workers as well as pension, sick pay and death in service for such workers between specified ages up to 65.

View the list of specified workers who are covered under the legislation.

The Minister has indicated that the pension scheme for workers under the SEOs should operate under particular standards and benefits for members. CWPS meets all the criteria set out by the Minister in the legislation so employers who have all their specified workers in CWPS can be assured that they fulfil their legal obligations under the SEOs to have their workers covered for death in service and sick pay benefits.

Is your current pension scheme SEO compliant?

The CWPS contribution rates mirror the recommended contribution rate specified in the Sectoral Employment Orders (SEO's) for the construction industry. Currently this contribution is 7% of the average basic construction wage. The employer contributes 4.2% and the employee contributes 2.8%.

Below are the weekly rates for Pension, Death in Service and Sick Pay contributions. For more information on the Sick Pay Trust, please visit the Construction Workers' Sick Pay Trust. 

The rates have changed and are effective from the 1st October 2021

There is 100% allocation to members' funds from pension contributions paid.

Rates for the Construction & Related Industries as of the 1st of October, 2021.

Pension Contribution €28.09 €18.73*  €46.82 
Death in Service Contribution €1.17  €1.17*   €2.34  
Sick Pay Contribution €1.34   €0.67   €2.01  
Standard Contribution Total  €30.60  €20.57  €51.17 

* Contributions for Pension and Death-in-Service Benefit are made before PAYE is calculated. 

CWPS facilitates the collection of some voluntary industry deductions as set out below on behalf of the social partner entities listed and these can be paid as a combined payment with the Pension, Death in Service and Sick Pay contributions. 

Weekly remittances charged by the Construction Workers' Health Trust and the Benevolent Funds.

Construction Workers Health Trust €0.00 €1.00 €1.00
Employer Benevolent Fund €0.19 €0.00 €0.19
Employee Benevolent Fund €0.00  €0.50  €0.50 
Overall Total €30.79 €22.07 €52.86


Download the current rates for 2021/2022


You can also download CWPS pension contribution rates for previous years on our downloads page here.


SEOs for Employers – what does it mean for you?

Employers in the construction sector are now legally obliged to implement the recommendations of the SEOs for all their specified workers aged between 18 and 65. You can view our helpful video here.

SEOs for Employees – what does it mean for you?

If you are an employee working in the construction sector who is covered by a SEO, your employer should ensure that you are registered in a SEO Pension scheme so you can start saving for your retirement and also be covered for death in service and sick pay benefits. CWPS mirrors all of the legal requirement as set out by the SEO's. You can view our helpful video here.

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