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Sick Pay


Q. How do I claim Sick Pay?

A. You and your employer will need to complete a ‘Claim for standard sick pay benefit’ form (SP1). Your completed from must be returned together with medical evidence, such as a Medical Certificate, letter from the doctor or hospital, or copies of your Social Welfare Certificates. This must cover the period for which you are claiming sick pay benefit. Notes to help you complete the SP1 form are set out on the back of the form itself.

Q. How much will I get?

A. The current rate of sick pay benefit is €38.11 per day (€190.55 per week). This benefit is paid for a maximum of 50 working days per year. If your illness continues, the sick pay benefit will be paid for a maximum of 2 consecutive years (i.e. 100 days in total). The first 3 days are not covered.

Q. What happens when I send in my SP1 claim form?

A. Once everything is in order we will process your claim and send your benefit payment. We will then send your employer a ‘Claim for continued sick pay benefit’ (an SP2 form) which they must complete and sent back to us with further medical evidence of your illness.

Q. Does my employer have to return the SP2 to the Scheme every week for my payment to continue?

A. Yes, if you are out sick for a continuous period, the SP2 must be returned to the Scheme each week so you can continue to receive weekly payments.

Q. I sent a medical cert up to the end of the month. Why have I only been paid for 1 week?

A. Sick pay benefit is a weekly payment and members are paid up to the date their employer signs the SP2 form confirming that they have not returned to work.

Q. I was out sick during the builders’ holiday period. Can I claim benefit for this?

A. Benefit is not payable during these holiday periods, however, we may pay sick pay if your employer was open for business and work was available to you during that period. We will need a letter from your employer to confirm this. 

Q. Is sick pay benefit paid for weekends or Public holidays?

A. No, we do not pay sick pay benefit for weekends or Public holidays.

Q. Can I claim illness benefit from Social Welfare as well as sick pay benefit from the Scheme?

A. Yes, you are entitled to claim both.  If you are not entitled to Social Welfare Illness Benefit but have 13 CWPS contributions to your credit, then you may be entitled to an additional benefit. This is equal to the current Social Welfare Disability Benefit and is paid in addition to the standard benefit explained in the ‘Sick Pay Benefit Rates’, leaflet.

Q. Do I still need to make contributions if I am claiming sick pay?

A. No. If you are receiving sick pay from the scheme you do not need to make any contributions.